Handmade Damascus Steel Fixed Blade knife – Hunting Knife – Bushcraft knife- High Carbon Fixed blade knives- Hunting Knives, EDC, with Real Leather Sheath.

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    ✔100 % Handmade Damascus Steel Knife. This is a hunting knife that is also suitable for fishing, camping, and survival. The knife material is also backed with high-quality. The blade is folded 5 times starting from 9 layers of 1080 and 15N20 giving approximately 512 Layers in this awesome Pattern. Its blade is made up of high carbon that has a risk of rusting. But, it can be managed by keeping the knife clean and oil application. Moreover, do not keep the knife in the sheath for a long time. ✔ APPLICABLE OCCASIONS .This knife will get any job done in the field. The classic look, ergonomic handle, and ease-of-use design guarantee that you will come to rely upon it for various outdoor activities: Hunting, Skinning, Gutting, Tactical, Survival, Camping or EDC, Everyday Carry. This design fills the need for a sturdy, compact knife with a versatile skinning blade. Overall knife length: 9 Inch” Blade length: 4.5 Inch’’ Handle length:4.5 Inch”

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    Sloth Steel

    4 reviews for Handmade Damascus Steel Fixed Blade knife – Hunting Knife – Bushcraft knife- High Carbon Fixed blade knives- Hunting Knives, EDC, with Real Leather Sheath.

    1. Mark, The Florida Cracker

      ***OK, I ordered a very low priced knife, I know that. What I didn’t order was a clean-up, de-grease, then check if anything’s broken.***
      In short, I went on a tantrum like a little kid because I wasn’t happy with the first knife I received, and took it out on Sloth Steel. If I had counted to 10 before I wrote my review, I wouldn’t have said a lot of things that were unjustified, and admittedly in poor taste. The first picture is from the first knife I received, I believe it was their first sale & shipment. I should have gotten with Sloth Steel before I wrote a review, I didn’t however, and like a child, I acted out wrongly, and do want to apologize to Sloth Steel, and the Amazon community for it.
      The pictures from the second to the last, are of the replacement knife. The knife and sheath are in great condition, and with just a little oil on the knife for shipping. The sheath has a extra leather square between the sheaths two sides, so you have a extra buffer for the knife blade to not cut through it. It has a loop for your belt to directly attach it, and an extra loop that can slide up and down on your belt, so it has two ways to carry. I think you could carry it upside down almost, as it seats very well, and deep, in the sheath.
      The knife itself is full tang as you can see from the pictures I hope, and the entire blade is Damascus Steel, as you can see looking at the back side of the knife, and having two at the same time I can verify that it is not a “laser patterned Damascus” like some of the other manufactures sell. It has a thick, 4mm+, spline that tapers down the the edge, with a duel bevel grind that isn’t perfect, but that’s why you buy a hand made knife, yours will be uniquely yours, and you can customize it to your taste. It also has some jimping where the blade meets the handle, so you have good control when doing delicate work.
      The Rosewood handle is very nice, mine has no sharp edges from the tang that I can feel, and fits my large hands well. It is approximately 3/4″,or 18mm wide, and about 4-1/2″+, or 114mm long. The pins that lock it to the handle are flush, and the middle pin has a nice mosaic pattern, mine are red which adds to the look very nicely.
      This being my first Damascus blade, will probably sit nicely in a case, along some of my “special knives” that I do not intend to use because they are all “one offs”, and if I do ever need to use it, I am sure that it will hold up well using it with it’s intended style.
      In short, this is a very nice knife, I think it would sell at twice the price, and you will not regret buying it at all.
      I hope that I have not harmed Sloth Steels reputation, as is was not my intention to do so.

      Below are some of the updates and conversations with Sloth Steel I had from the first knife and review, and you can see how they handled a spoiled child in a very professional manner.

      4-5-23 Sloth Steel has reached out as soon as their time zone was back to normal work time, 8am. They are very sorry that I have gotten a “badly wrapped knife”, and have asked me to wait for a replacement knife before I close my review, they promised this packing was a one off, not normal, and they are getting with their Q.C. Manager to make sure no one else has this problem.
      I will say this, once my review hit the page, they reached out immediately to me to find out how they could help.
      From Sloth Steel:
      Hi mark . I am sorry for the inconveniences you faced regarding packaging. I know the package box is taped. Due to some reasons I had to use tape. I am new on Amazon and this is my first item. You know business on Amazon promotes according to customer feedback. Due to this, I request you hold your review until I send you another knife.
      Thanks and Regards,
      Sloth steel

    2. Urva Tahir

      Great looking knife and sheath is useful too. Pattern of Damascus is adorable . Easy to grab. Even you can use it for every purpose. Well worth for the money. At all I am happy 😊.

    3. jdlcav

      I needed a knife for hunting and camping. This fits the bill. It’s a beautiful knife with a Damascus blade and rosewood handle. Came ready to use, sharp and oiled. I tested the sharpness out of the box—and it’s sharp. With a 4.5” blade, it is the perfect length for field dressing a deer as well as cutting tinder and clearing brush. I’m looking forward to using it on my next trip to the outdoors.

    4. CombatVet1776

      This knife exceeded my expectations. It’s a beautiful knife that feels great in my hands. The blade feels strong enough for bushcraft or EDC. Thank you to the vendor and Amazon!

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