DAMASK HUT Purrfect Potion – CATastrophe Remover (32oz Spray Bottle)




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About this item:

  • YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE: to remove any CATastrophe your cat may cause like urine, poop, spray or puke stains and odors. SUPER EASY TO USE: Just spray and walk away. Purrfect Potion requires no scrubbing or rinsing in most cases. Just pickup the excess accident and then spray the area. Purrfect Potion will work on the outermost layer with each application. For fresh accidents, usually one application will due. For older/tougher stains and odors you may need to repeat application.
  • Purrfect Potion is NOT SOLD IN STORES. Purrfect Potion was originally invented by an ex-carpet cleaner to remove pet stains & odors from 20k oriental rugs. After he shared a bottle (and why other products don’t work) with me, I knew I had to SHARE BOTH THE TRUTH & SOLUTION with my fellow pet owners. Purrfect Potion contains no detergents, salt, fragrances, harsh chemicals, or bleaches so it’s safe to use around kids, pets and plants. It’s also non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • The truth is pet stains & odors ARE NOT YOUR FAULT… In fact most pet stain and odor removers sold in stores today not only don’t work, they actually MAKE MATTERS WORSE.
  • HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED… why cat smells seem to keep coming back? It’s simple, most cleaning solutions are a form of soap. Soap is a form of salt. So all they are really doing is just dehydrating the accident. All it takes is little moisture (or humidity on a hot day) to reactivated and bring the smell back. CRAZY HUH?
  • HAVE YOU EVER SEEN DINGY CARPET? This is often caused by another side effect of detergent based cleaners; even if they work to remove the stain/odor, they can leave a residue that attracts dirt, dust and debris like a magnet. THINK ABOUT YOUR LAUNDRY ROOM and detergent. Just the slightest little spill of detergent seems to attract lint from the dryer like a magnet. The same thing happens ON A LARGER SCALE when you use a carpet cleaning machine.

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