Damascus Bushcraft Knife – Survival Knife, Hand forged Fixed Blade Knife, Camping Knife & Survival Knives, Bowie Knives with Micarta Handle & Leather Knife Sheath

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    10 reviews for Damascus Bushcraft Knife – Survival Knife, Hand forged Fixed Blade Knife, Camping Knife & Survival Knives, Bowie Knives with Micarta Handle & Leather Knife Sheath

    1. Amazon Customer

      You really can’t beat it for the price. I got mine and right away started using it. Bought this for a basic camping knife. Overall craftsmanship looks great! Fairly sharp right out of the box. I’ve done a few things with it and it seems to be doing fine for basic camping need.

    2. Autumn Reign

      Knife is an unbelievable value for the money. Sheath is worth the price alone. Would be a 5 star review if the knife would have been without flaw. Unfortunately there is a small stress crack at the pommel. This is real damascus and its common to have stress cracks. It is not in a critical area of the blade and will not affect its use. I am still amazed at the price for a hand fabricated blade and real leather sheath.

    3. Bill hinton

      Sheath is for a left handed user

    4. Tim Pence

      Knife is a thing of beauty, but the sheath sucks

    5. Thomas James Hughes

      This is a very nice knife, well built and comes with a very nice leather case, however there two holders but nothing come with the knife – one would be for a fire stick and the other maybe for the striker.

    6. Joe

      I prefer Damascus steel in my knifes omg I’d this a great bush / kitchen knife well worth the price!!

    7. Richard Norcross

      I just received the knife. It has a nice heft to it and it is beautiful to the eye. I’m doing yard work today and have lots of rope and other items I am cutting and its is going through like a hot knife through room temperature butter. It feels great in the hand. Sheath is superior craftsmanship and I like the horizontal carry feature because it doesn’t get caught on stuff while climbing around in the brush. A superior value for the money. I wanted a beautiful Damascus knife but I didn’t want it just to look at. I wanted it to be functional and this knife hits the mark.

    8. Bert Becerra

      I gave it 3 stars because they send me a left-handed sheath, but the knife is well made and good quality.

    9. Mo W

      Bought it for my son in law who’s going to be very well prepared for the zombie apocalypse. He was very happy with it. I didn’t much check it out before wrapping it up, but he would have told me if it sucked, and he didn’t say anything negative. In fact he was happy with it so I assume it’s well made and worth it.

    10. A. K.

      I was somewhat wary with the poor feedback Pakistani damascus knives get.
      For a dull disclosure, I didn’t use the knife long enough to be able to assess durability, edge holding, but so far it seems decent enough.
      I didn’t subject it to torture tests, for light duty knife tasks it seems perfectly fine.
      The knife itself is very well made, the pattern welded design is quite uniform and carries pver to the tang too. The handle is real micarta, dark gray with some bluish layers. The blade arrived decently sharp.
      The sheath is made of thick cowhide, dark brown, but not as nice as in the ad picture. The knife fits well in it and the snaps hold it securely.
      The knife arrived oiled, there was no rust. It was placed in folded over plastic bag, which was covered with a well folded thick parchment paper, and the whole thing was placed in the sheath.
      This is perfect for long term storage, and I decided to keep the knife covered with a plastic bag and keep it that way in the sheath, it won’t be used for a longer time.
      The sheath leather looks like a chrome tanned one, so any longer contact with even a well oiled carbon ( or even a stainless) steel lade would facilitate rust. Alternatively, the knife could be stored outside its sheath until it needs to be carried again.
      The outside knife box was a very plain cardboard one, with just a sticker with the name and item number. it does its intended job to protect the contents perfectly well.
      Overall, the knife is very nice, comfortable and so far functions well. It is not an ESEE knife, doesn’t have ESEE’s warranty either, but appears to bee a good outdoors/bushcraft knife.
      I would be wary to baton with it, but I don’t baton with other knives either.
      Overall, I am happy with my purchase.

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